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Meadowsweet notes

Meadowsweet's high content of aspirin-like compounds (salicylic aldehyde and methyl salicylate) makes it an excellent analgesic and antirheumatic without the side effects of aspirin. It is aromatic, anti-inflammatory, astringent, diuretic (taken with cool water) and diaphoretic (taken with hot water); is also stomachic and a gastric antacid that soothes stomach mucosa and normalizes its secretions.

It may be used for minor pains, arthritis, and rheumatic joint and muscle pains, headache, toothache, sprains and tendonitis, and topically for insect stings. Also for fevers, colds and flu, acid dyspepsia (“heartburn”), gastritis, esophageal burning, and stomach ulcers. It is an aromatic astringent for diarrhea (especially with children), mild urinary antiseptic indicated in irritation, inflammation and infections of the urinary passage, acute catarrhal cystitis, and vaginitis with leukorrheal discharge.

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