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About Us

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Snow Mountain Botanicals is located in the foothills of Mendocino County in northern California.  Our homesteads and the herb farm are at 3000 feet surrounded by the Mendocino National Forest at the base of Snow Mountain. 

We are completely off the grid with all of our power being supplied by solar panels in the summer and a hydroelectric system in the winter. Our water comes from three fresh flowing creeks and the greenhouses are powered by the sun.

We enjoy lovely green temperate springs that bring on the flowering fruit and hawthorn trees, early nutritious nettles, croaking frogs and the gardens beginning their next cycle of life with the promise of another growing season.

 Our summers are very warm and perfect for growing medicinals in the herb gardens, lush tomatoes and peppers in the vegetable garden and for wild crafting the large pharmacopia of plants that choose to live here in the hills.

Summer spills into Indian summer that lasts well into October, similar to a Mediterrainian climate, allowing for the long season plants like chaste tree, olive trees, and the fall root crops.

As the cold and rain of November arrives the winter greenhouse is already full and lush and producing greens galore. This is a new addition to the farm which extends our                                                  growing time to a full four seasons.

Our passive solar greenhouse is a family design and an extended community effort and we are proud to say in our sixth year of growing vegetables and herbs all winter, that it is a grand success.

December through June we are growing beautiful red tomatoes, cucumbers, mini peppers, an array of greens, lettuce, culinary herbs and this year gotu kola, shativari, bacopa and neem.

With snow outside (at 3000 feet we get lots of snow) the greenhouse stays above 50 degrees and with just a bit of sun or a fire in the wood stove, a cozy 75 degrees.

Most of the herb processing takes place from early spring to late fall. Many of the plants, perennials and annuals, are grown here on the farm. The herbs are harvested at the optimum time of maturity and processed fresh. Herbs we cannot grow ourselves, we procure from our organic suppliers and local conscious wildcrafters. 

We are fortunate to live surrounded by forest and meadows where the wild herbs love to grow. We have lived on our land for more than 30 years and are familiar with the plant cycles, their habitat and the appropriate time of year to harvest them.

We take only what we need with great appreciation for the our plant friends, careful never to come close to depleting the plant families and with prayers of thanks for the healing medicine they                                                   provide for us and our planet.

Joanne Alexander and Kathy Fisette

Joanne Alexander started growing herbs in the Berkshires of western Massachusetts in the 70's. Being the community herbalist for a group of young pioneers living on the land, growing food and raising animals, she soon realized her life long passion for gardening, healing and growing medicinal plants.

She went on to study Chinese medicine in Boston, Taiwan and Hong Kong and eventually set up an acupuncture and herbal medicine practice outside Boston. When she moved to the hills of northern California, she discovered the herbs growing wild in the mountain meadows, here she started her study of the western herbs.

She and her partner John raised their son Bodhi on their homestead while creating herb gardens, building ponds, developing energy systems and watching the cycles of the seasons. Kathy and Joanne shared home schooling of their children, the love of the plants, grew the medicine for their families and soon Snow Mountain Botanicals was born.  Joanne can be found most of the time in the gardens, nuturing plants and smelling the roses.

Kathy Fisette started her herbal journey when she discovered the book Back to Eden by Jethro Kloss in the early seventies. Taking classes and with plant ID book in hand she searched the Santa Cruz mountains for edible and medicinal plants.

Caring for family, friends and pets using herbal and natural remedies became a passion. After moving to the mountains of Northern California to homestead, a new world opened up. Homebirth midwifery captured her full attention focusing her study of herbs on birth and women’s health.
Together with her husband Dean they raised their daughter Hannah on the homestead, living simple, raising animals, and growing food, herbs and flowers.

When Joanne and Kathy met, their mutual love of gardening and herbal medicine inspired them to grow medicinal plants and process them for their families. After twenty years of nurturing Snow Mountain Botanicals, they are still close friends.

Kathy maintains a part-time wellness practice working with women and men to balance hormones naturally using herbs, nutrition and supplements. The rest of the time she is in the garden or planning it.


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