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Codonopsis notes

The herb is sweet in flavor, neutral in nature, and acts on the lung and spleen channels. Being sweet, neutral, moist, and mild in potency, it not only invigorates spleen-qi but also nourishs blood and promotes the production of body fluid. Codonopsis is often used to treat deficiency of spleen-qi and lung-qi and deficiency of body fluid and blood.
This herb helps strengthen the lungs, spleen and stomach. A twining and climbing herbaceous perennial native to China, Codonopsis is sometimes known as 'Poor Man's Ginseng', as it builds vital force and tonifies the blood. It is also nutritious, sweet and warming, containing high levels of immune-enhancing olysaccharides. Codonopsis roots are used for energy deficiency, strengthening the immune system, lowering blood pressure, helping lack of appetite and invigorating the spleen.

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