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Adrenal Support
Restorative Adrenal Tonic
fresh American Ginseng, Eleuthero, Schisandra, fresh Oats, fresh Gotu Kola, Licorice
A supportive formula for overworked and weakened adrenal function. Use during periods of stress, travel and as a daily tonic to help adjust to environmental changes, overwork and emotional distress.

Allergy Relief
Hayfever, Allergy, Sinus
Eyebright, fresh Nettles, fresh Oregon Grape, fresh Yerba Santa, fresh Mullein, fresh Elder, fresh Yarrow
A specific formula for symptomatic relief of seasonal hay fever and other allergies which manifest as sneezing, profuse watery secretions, scratchy throat and inflammation of the upper respiratory tract.

Oregano Compound
fresh Oregano, fresh Splianthes, fresh Holy Basil, Tea Tree essential oil
For the treatment of fungal infections; mouth, ear, skin, ringworm, athlete's foot, toenail, and fingernail fungus.

Tumeric Compound
fresh Tumeric, fresh Chamomile, Meadowsweet, fresh St. Johnswort, fresh Arnica, Licorice
A specific formula to help relieve the intensity and duration of the inflammatory process.

Bladder Soothe
Bladder & Urinary Infection
fresh Cranberry, fresh St. Johnswort, Uva ursi, fresh Cornsilk, fresh Arnica, fresh Horsetail, Juniper
Supportive in the treatment of bladder and urinary tract infections.

Brain & Memory Tonic
Supports Concentration
fresh Gotu Kola, fresh Ginkgo, fresh Bacopa, Eleuthero, fresh wild Oats, fresh Nettles, fresh Rosemary
A rejuvenating tonic for the brain that helps promote increased mental alertness and improved memory.

Cardiovascular Health
Restorative Heart Tonic
fresh Hawthorn, fresh Motherwort, fresh Skullcap, fresh Dandelion, fresh Cayenne.
A tonic formula that is both restorative and nutritive for the heart and circulatory system. It will help reduce high blood pressure, and help prevent blocked blood vessels, arteriosclerosis and hypertension.

Children's Calming
Alcohol Free Formula
fresh Chamomile, fresh Lemon Balm, Fennel, fresh California Poppy, Licorice
This children's formula is alcohol-free and indicated for feverish conditions, tummy upset, colic, and as a gentle sedative in situations of hyperactivity or sleeplessness.

Circulation Tonic
Warming Circulatory Support
fresh Ginkgo, Eleuthero, fresh Rosemary, fresh Ginger, fresh Cayenne
Indicated for poor circulation especially with coldness in the extremities.

Connective Tissue Support
Supports Healthy Structure
fresh Gotu Kola, fresh Hawthorn, fresh Echinacea, fresh Horsetail
For the establishment and maintenance of healthy connective tissue and to faciliate its healthy regeneration in cases of injury or disease.

Deep Immune Support
Reishi Mushroom Complex
Reishi Mushroom, Maitake Mushroom, Shiitake Mushroom, Codonopsis, Eleuthero, fresh Astragalus
This compound targets the body's deepest line of defense. It may be used therapeutically for chronic conditions as well as a tonic for deep immune support.

Digestive Bitters
Promote Digestion
fresh Gentian, fresh Chamomile, fresh Artichoke, fresh Dandelion, fresh Ginger, Cinnamon, Anise, Cardamom
A formula of carminative and bitter herbs to help stimulate digestion, promote full assimilation, and reduce flatulence.

Digestive Relief
Calm Digestive Upset
fresh Sweet Annie, fresh Baikal Skullcap, Bayberry, fresh Meadowsweet, Licorice, fresh Ginger
This Compound is indicated in amoebic and bacillary dysentary or general digestive discomfort with inflammation of the intestinal mucus membrane.

Ease Menstrual Cycle
Premenstrual Discomfort
fresh Crampbark, Chasteberry, fresh Wild Yam, fresh Motherwort, fresh Skullcap, fresh Dandelion, fresh Ginger
A female specific formula for preventing or relieving pain, discomfort and tension related to difficult menstruation.

Echinacea Tonic
Alcohol Free Formula
fresh Echinacea, root, flower and seed, fresh Tangerine
This compound is made with glycerine and is an excellent remedy for children and alcohol intolerant adults.

Elderberry Elixir
Preventative Immune Tonic
fresh Elderberries, fresh Echinacea, Licorice
A sweet tasting elixir used as a preventative tonic during cold and flu season.

Emotional Well Being
Restores Stability
fresh St. Johnswort, fresh Gotu Kola, Eleuthero, Maca, fresh wild Oats, fresh Passion flower, fresh Lavender
A specific formula that has anti-depressant effect, strengthens the nervous system, and helps to maintain emotional stability.

Enhance Sexual Vitality
Damiana Compound
Damiana, fresh American ginseng, fresh Aswagandha, Maca, fresh Gotu Kola, Kava, Muira Puama,Cloves
This formula is nuitritive and supportive for both the male and female reproductive systems.

Female Libido
Promote Sexual Energy
Shatavari, Muira Puama, Maca, fresh Ginger, Cinnamon
An adaptogenic tonic with an emphasis on female sexual energy.

Healthy Skin
Enhance Skin Health
fresh Burdock, fresh Nettles, fresh Yellow Dock, fresh Spilanthes, fresh Oregon grape, fresh Red clover, fresh Ginger
Specific for treatment of eczema, psoriasis, acne, dermatitis, and other inflammatory conditions of the skin.

Immune Boost
Vitalize Immunity
freshEchinacea, root, flower and seed
A formula that activates anti-pathogenic vitality and focuses immune system resources at the surface to ward off viral and bacterial infections.

Immune Defense
Echinacea Goldenseal
fresh Echinacea, fresh Goldenseal, fresh Osha, Bonset, Olive, fresh Ginger, fresh Garlic, Licorice
A formula with both anti-microbial and anti-viral activity; making it effective in the beginning stages and throughout the course of colds, flu, and viral or bacterial infectious conditions.

Male Longevity
Supports Aging Process
fresh Ginkgo, fresh Hawthorn, fresh Gotu Kola, Maca, He shou wu, Saw Palmetto, Eleuthero
A male tonic formula that strengthens and tones the circulatory and male reproductive system. It helps to relieve mental fatigue, improves memory and focus, and helps prevent the symptoms associated with aging.

Menopause Tonic
Restore Hormonal Balance
Chasteberry, fresh Black Cohosh, fresh St. Johnswort, fresh Motherwort, fresh Nettles, fresh Dandelion
A female tonic formula that helps restore a normal estrogen/progesterone balance and addresses symptoms that are prevalent during menopause.

Peaceful Sleep
Non-alcohol formula
fresh Valerian, fresh Skullcap, fresh Passion Vine, fresh Chamomile, Glycerine
A pleasant tasting formula that helps with sleeplessness, nervous disorders and aniexty.

Prostate Health
Supports Healthy Prostate
Saw Palmetto, Pygeum bark, fresh Horsetail, fresh Pipsissewa, fresh Echinacea, fresh Marshmallow
A male tonic formula for the prostate gland that soothes, protects and cleanses the genito-urinary system. It is especially indicated in benign prostatic hypertrophy and for the maintenance of a healthy prostate.

Relieve Physical Trauma
Strains & Inflammation
fresh St. Johnswort, Kava, fresh Black Cohosh, fresh Skullcap, fresh Arnica
A specific formula for treating physical trauma, injuries, strains, inflammations of muscles, ligaments, nerves, tendons and joints.

Respiratory Relief
Support Respiratory Function
Lobelia, fresh Grindelia, fresh Crampbark, fresh Black Cohosh, Mulungu, fresh Skullcap, fresh Cayenne, Licorice
For bronchodilation, as an antispasmodic, anti-inflammatory and expectorant. Used for the relief of bronchial asthma.

Restful Sleep
Valerian Compound
fresh Valerian, fresh Caifornia Poppy, fresh Passion vine, fresh Skullcap, fresh Chamomile
A specific formula that has sedative effect in cases of insomnia, nervous headache and hysteria.

Sleep Support
Mulungu Compound
Mulungu, fresh California Poppy, fresh Passion vine, fresh Skullcap
A calming formula used to treat anxiety and stress, calm the nerves and promote healthy sleep patterns. Appropriate for people that cannot tolerate Valerian.

Stress Relief
Adaptogenic Tonic
Eleuthero, fresh Ashwagandha, fresh Holy Basil, Schisandra, fresh Bacopa, Licorice
A tonic formula to help the body adapt to stress, support metabolic process and restore balance.

Support the Liver
Strengthens Liver Function
Milk Thistle, Schisandra, fresh Yellow Dock, fresh Dandelion
A cleansing formula for the liver. It can be used as a maintenance tonic or restorative, cleansing and strengthening nutrient after illness or liver abuse.

Women's Tonic
A Classic Chinese Formula
Chinese Angelica/Dang gui, Chinese Foxglove/Shu di huang, Codonopsis/Dang shen, Chinese White Peony/Bai Shao, Chinese Fleeceflower/He shou wu, Chinese Atractylodes/Bai zhu, Tuckahoe/Fu ling, Szechuan Lovage/Chuan xiong
A classic Chinese preparation for deficient blood and energy conditions specially formulated for women's physiology.

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