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Elderberry Elixir

Preventative Immune Tonic


Elderberry Sambucus nigra fresh mature berries

The nutrient rich black Elderberries act as an anti-viral and helps shorten the severity and duration of colds and flu. it helps to releive cough, sinus congestion, inflammation and enhances bronchial secretions.

Echinacea Echinacea angustifolia fresh root

Echinacea root acts as a nonspecific immune system stimulant, being effective with bacterial and viral infections, inflammations, fevers, and tissue injuries. It is very useful at the onset of all viral infections of the mucous membranes - sinus, nasal, throat, lungs and the bronchial tract.

Licorice Glycyrrhiza glabra dried root

The root of this sweet tasting plant is used as an antitussive or cough suppressent as a result of an antispasmodic action on the central nervous system. The extract has antibacterial and antimicrobial properties and also acts as a synnergiser in herbal formulas.

~Actions and Indications~

This formula can be used as a preventative tonic during cold and flu season or as treatment after symptoms begin. It is especially indicated for cough and bronchial irritation. Elderberry Elixir has a pleasant sweet flavor making it ideal for the treatment of children.


As a preventative tonic take 40-60 drops 2 times per day in a little warm water. To treat illness repeat dose every few hours as needed.

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