Fine Medicinal Herbal Extracts Since 1989

Our mission is to offer the finest full potency extracts
made from the freshest, highest quality plants available.

What is an Herbal Extract?

Liquid herbal extracts or tinctures are considered one of the most effective ways to take herbal supplements.

Unlike pills and capsules, liquid herbal extracts are immediately absorbed and assimilated into the bloodstream. Liquid herbal extracts are created by soaking herbs in a liquid menstruum of either pure grain alcohol, water, kosher vegetable glycerin or any combination of these.

This herb and menstruum mixture is mixed and turned for a minimum of two to four weeks and then pressed and filtered to leave a pure liquid herbal extract.

We use only certified organic or grown without chemicals herbs to make our extracts and use only the freshest most vibrant plants available. We do not standardize our extracts according to so called "active constituents."

We make a concerted effort to use fresh plant material whenever possible in our extraction process. We believe that the vital essence is stongest when the plant is processed fresh. Every plant has a distinct peak time of maturity when the medicinal properties are at their highest potency. We harvest above ground plants just after the erly morning dew has evaporated and before the heat of the sun has diminished any of the plants vitality.

Some plants require a drying process in order to extract the proper constituents. Some of the Chinese herbs we use are only available dried. More Chinese herbs are being grown organically in this country, some on our farm. We process our Chinese herbs using the traditional method of simmering the herbs in water first and then adding the alcohol in appropriate porportions.

For some disorders certain herbs need to be taken in a higher dose and concentration. For this reason we use a double maceration process with a selection of our whole fresh plant extracts. This involves using double the amount of herb and extracting in the same menstruum twice which produces a concentrated extract with a complete range of constituents.

Codonopsis, Ginkgo, Kava, Maitake, Reishi, Red Clover, Shiitake, Eleuthero

Certified Organic Grain Alcohol

We extract all of our herbs with certified organic pharmaceutical grade grain alcohol.  It is 100% pure and comes from organically grown grain. 

By using organically certified grain alcohol we are helping to support the movement towards large scale organic agriculture.

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