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Allergy Relief

Hayfever, Allergy, and Sinus


Eyebright Euphrasia officinalis dried whole plant

The combination of anti-inflammatory and astringent actions make eyebright relevant in many conditions Internally it counteracts the buildup of excess mucous and thus may be used in nasal catarrh, sinusitis and other congestive states. It is best known for it's use in conditions of the eyes where there is inflammation, stinging and weeping. It is effective for catarrhal head colds and wind cold aches and pains, chills and thin watery discharges from the nose and eyes.

Nettles Urtica dioica fresh leaf

Nettles is used as a blood purifier and blood builder. It's diuretic and astringent actions make it effective on mucous discharge of the lungs and bronchii. It's cleansing, digestive, and urinary stimulant activities provide excellent back-up, where complex conditions involve blood deficiency and general metabolic stagnation that arise out of underlying insufficiencies of all the internal organs. It provides deep, all around support to other remedies addressing almost any condition of excess or deficiency. It is also one of the best sources of digestible plant iron and is rich in calcium, vitamin A and chlorophyll.

Yerba Santa Eriodyction glutinosum fresh leaf

This sticky leafed shrub was used by Native Americans to treat asthma, bronchitis and colds. Yerba Santa has a soothing influence on irritated, hacking and persistent coughs where there is dryness of the mucous membranes. As a decongestant it is indicated for lung and sinus conditions, decreasing secretions and underlying inflammation. As a stimulating expectorant it can be very useful with chronic phlegm cold and asthmatic lung conditions (infectious and noninfectious), and congestive head conditions, with or without chest involvement.

Elder Sambucus nigra fresh flowers

This sweet smelling flower with its sweet pungent taste has an energy that is light and gently dispersing. It also has a dry quality which is therapeutically important. All manner of damp conditions are helped through it's use. These include: mucous damp with mucosal weakness, congestion and catarrhal discharge (infectious and non-infectious) and fluid congestion with local or general edema. Elder is an astringent tonic that restores the mucosa and an expect

Oregon Grape Berberis aquiflium fresh wild root and rhizome

This berberine containing plant has broad antimicrobial effects as well as antiinfective and immune-stimulating actions. It has been used historically with infections of the mucous membranes such as the oral cavity, throat, sinuses, bronchi, genitourinary tract, and gastrointestinal tract.

YarrowAchillea millefolium fresh flowers

The whole plant is harvested in the summer while in flower. It is a diaphoretic, astringent and vascular tonic useful in treatment of colds and allergies with excess mucous.

~Actions and Indications~

This compound relieves the symptoms of hayfever and other seasonal allergies such as runny nose, sneezing, watery eyes and scratchy throat. Along with relieving symptoms, this formula tones and nourishes the respiratory system making it healthier and less susceptible to external irritants. Also useful for head colds and sinusitis. For best results in treating seasonal allergies begin treatment before allergy season . Take 1/4 of the dosage increasing to the full dose slowly.


Take 40-60 drops in a little warm water three times to five times per day.

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