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Eyebright Notes

"Eyebright is an excellent remedy for the problems of mucous membranes The combination of anti-inflammatory and astringent properties make it relevant in many conditions. Used internally it is a powerful anti-catarrhal and thus may be used in nasal catarrh, sinusitis and other congestive states. 1t is best known for its use in conditions of the eye, where it is helpful in acute or chronic inflammations, stinging and weeping eyes as well as over-sensitivity to light. Used as a compress externally in conjunction with internal use it valuable in conjunctivitis and blepharitis.

Priest & Priest tell us that it is a "mild stimulating astringent. Vaso-constrictor to vessels of nasal and conjuntival membranes. Specific for congestive conditions of the eyes with profuse lachrymation." They give the following specific indications Catarrhal blepharitis, rhinitis, sinusitis and conjunctivitis. Hay fever, acute coryza, irritable sneezing and lachrymation.

Ellingwood considered it specific for "irritating and catarrhal disease. It is more immediately beneficial if the discharge is thin and watery. 'Snuffles' in infants demands this remedy. 1t is specific to acute disorders of the nasal mucous membranes Where there is watery discharge from these membranes, where there earache, or headache, and especially if the distress be across the eyes, in acute catarrhal affections, it has a direct influence upon the lachrymal apparatus" In addition he recommends it for the following pathologies: cough, hoarseness, catarrhal manifestations following measles, catarrhal conjunctivitis, catarrhal deafness, chronic nasal catarrh, acute coryza, influenza, blepharitis and conjunctivitis."

From "Therapeutic Herbalism" by David Hoffman, Home Study Course

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