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Milk Thistle Notes

"Milk thistle's traditional use as a liver tonic has been supported by research showing that it contains constituents that protect liver cells from chemical damage. Historically, this herb has been used in Europe as a liver tonic, and current phytotherapy indicates its use in a whole range of liver and gallbladder conditions, including hepatitis and cirrhosis. It may also have value in the treatment of chronic uterine problems. Much research being done in Germany is revealing exciting data about reversal of toxic liver damage as well as protection from potential hepatotoxic agents. A number of chemical components of the herb are now being shown to have this protective effect on liver cells. As its name implies, the herb promotes milk secretion and is perfectly safe to be used by all breast-feeding mothers."

From "An Elders Herbal by David Hoffman, Healing Arts Press, 1993

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