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Adrenal Support

Restorative Adrenal Tonic


Schisandra Schisandra chinensis the fruit

Recent laboratory and clinical studies by Chinese researchers report that Schisandra helps to improve brain efficiency, increase work capacity, and build strength. Schisandra has an adaptogenic function, increasing immune response and reducing stress. It is capable of counteracting the stimulating effects of caffeine. The fruit of this plant is known as Wu wei zi in the Chinese materia medica, or 'five flavored seed', because the fruit is sweet, sour, bitter, pungent and salty. The herb is considered balancing to all body systems by virtue of the distribution of flavors.

American Ginseng Panax quinquefolium fresh root

American Ginseng is an adaptogenic herb that decreases the effects of stress. It improves the adrenal gland function, increases energy, enhances immune potential, and restores and relaxes the nervous system.

Wild Oats Avena sativa fresh straw and grain

Oats is one of the best remedies for 'feeding' the nervous system, especially when under stress. It is considered a specific in cases of nervous debility and exhaustion when associated with depression.

Gotu Kola Hydrocotyle asiatica fresh herb and root

Gotu Kola fortifies the immune system, both cleansing and feeding it, and strengthens the adrenals. In Ayurvedic medicine, it is considered the prime nervine tonic- used to treat insomnia, stress, nervousness and disturbed emotions. It promotes mental calm and clarity and assists in the practice of meditation.

Eleuthero Eleutherococcus senticosus dried root

Eleuthero has a broad action range as an adaptogen and immune system stimulant; as a result it helps counteract the undesirable effects of stress. This shrubby member of the Ginseng family contains eleutherosides that, Russian studies have shown, reduce the occurrence of influenza and acute respiratory disease, reduce hypertension, improve vision, reduce disease due to environmental stress, speed postoperative recovery and reduce the impact of some toxic compounds.

Licorce Glycyrrhiza glabra dried root

Licorce root has a marked effect upon the endocrine system; the glycosides present have a structure that is similar to the natural steroids of the body. It is restoring to the pituitary and adrenals and strengthening to the digestive process.

~Actions and indications~

This formula is supportive for the adrenal function, the immune function and to counteract stress. It contains adaptogenic herbs that have the ability to increase the resistance of the normal human body to extreme conditions. "Such herbs might be seen as sources of substances that would have been naturally evolved by nature in the human body given time. However the rate of evolution has been outpaced by the growth of the adverse effects of 'civilization' on the human body." Ginseng-Oat Compound is effectively used during periods of stress, during travel, or as a daily tonic to help adjust to environmental changes, exposure to pollution, overwork and emotional upheaval.


As a daily tonic, take 30-60- drops in a little warm water three to four times per day.
During travel, take same dose beginning five days before, until five days after travel -especially useful to help counteract the effects of the 'compromising' environment on airplanes.

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