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St. Johnswort Notes

"This plant has a healing, regenerative effect on injured nerves, nervous system functions and all their emotional manifestations. It has sedative effects with specific antidepressant properties. It offers calming and sedative actions in relieving anxiety; is well used as part of a whole treatment for psychological instability. It is reliably used during male and female menopausal stress and excitability, especially if there is resultant depression. As a normalizer it improves sleep in insomniacs but is also useful for excessive sleepers (hypersomnia). With all wounds, it gives a marked pain relieving effect, and it stimulates the new formation of damaged tissue. It treats neuralgic inflammation and pain. St. Johnswort is remarkable for healing wounds, bums and sunburns."

from "The Male Herbal" by James Green, The Crossing Press, 1991

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