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Tumeric Compound


Tumeric Curcuma longa fresh rhizome

Known in Hindi as Haldi, Tumeric is considered one of the most important herbs in Ayurvedic medicine. It acts as a powerful anti-inflammatory and can be used internally or externally to promote healing in cases of trauma or injury. Tumeric has the ability to block some of the pain and inflammation reactions and pathways and can deplete the neurotransmitters of pain. The result is that it removes stiffness from whatever source, old age, arthritis, overexertion, or workouts.

Chamomile Matricaria recutita fresh flower

The bitter German Chamomile is preferred because of its strong anti-inflammatory action. It has a high concentration of easily assimilable calcium, making it particularly useful for soothing nerves, hypertension, pains, cramps, and spasms. It calms the gastric system, soothing nervous stomachs, alleviating indigestion, gas, pain, ulcers and other stomach disorders.

Meadowsweet Spiraea ulmaria leaf and flower

This tall elegant herb is applicable in a variety of hot conditions where inflammation is present. It is indicated for rheumatic, arthritic, and gouty conditions with pain and in high acid conditions affecting the stomach. It is a gentle yet deep acting remedy perfect for children, the elderly, and sensitive individuals.

St. Johnswort Hypericum perforatum fresh flower and bud

St. Johnswort owes its name to the fact that it begins to flower around St. Johns tide, the summer soltice. Its anti-inflammatory action is most effective for relieving nerve pain such as neuralgia, sciatica, surgical trauma, rhematism and chronic pain with nervous exhausion.

Arnica Arnica montana whole plant

One of the best remedies for muscular soreness and pain from strains, overexertion or other injuries. Arnica is also used to treat acute inflammation of the joints, paticularly in the acute stage of chronic arthritic conditions.

Licorice Glycyrrhiza glabra dried root

The sweet tasting Licorice root is restoring and rejuvenative with demulcent properties that ease sore throats, remedy gastric and duodenal ulcers amd other stomach problems. It soothes mucous membranes, and urinary, respiratory and intestinal passages.

~Actions and Indications~

This compound with its antihistaminic, antioxidant, fever reducing, and vascular stabilizing actions, help relieve the intensity and duration of the inflammatory process, minimize any associated tissue damage, and speed healing.
The constituients in this compound are indicated in both acute and chronic inflammations, and can be used as adjunct anti-inflammatory therapy in the treatment of - tissue injury or irritation, infections, fevers, allergies, mucous membrane inflammations (sinusitis, stomatitis, gastritis, colitis) arthritis, dermatitis, and phlebitis.


Acute or Chronic conditions: Three to five times per day take 40 - 60 drops in a little warm water. Best taken between meals.

Topical application: Apply gently to inflammed area. Can be used undiluted in most cases but should be diluted (50 drops per ounce) in cases of broken skin and ulcerations.


Any inflammatory condition which is rapid in onset, severe, painful, or persistent should be treated by a qualified health care practitioner.
This compound is not recommended for use during pregnancy.

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