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Valerian Notes

"One of the most potent herbs known for the nervous system, valerian is powerful, safe, and very effective. It's name is derived from the Latin word valere, "to be well," "be strong." It has a long and colorful history and has been highly regarded as an herbal medicine for centuries. Hildegard of Bingin, famous abbess/herbalist of Germany, used it as a sedative in the twelfth century. In the 1500s Gerard claimed it to be one of the most popular remedies of his time. Today, in spite of its distinct and somewhat offensive odor, valerian continues to be one of the most popular medicinal herbs in the world. In Europe, where it has been known for centuries, it is used in hundreds of over-the-counter drugs and is relied on as a medicine for tension.

There is no finer herb for stress and nervous-system disorders. Though potent, it is perfectly safe to use and is neither habit-forming nor addictive. Valerian is effective both as a long-term nerve tonic and as a remedy for acute problems, such as, headaches and pain. It is one of the best herbs known for insomnia and/or restless sleep. Having once gone through a bout of insomnia, I know how well valerian works. I kept a bottle of the tincture by my bed, and when I would wake in the night, haunted by the troubles of the day, I'd take a few sips of the tincture and read a paragraph or two from a boring book' and I'd be back to sleep in no time."

from "Herbal Healing for Women", Rosemary Gladstar, Fireside Press, 1993

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