Fine Medicinal Herbal Extracts Since 1989

Our mission is to offer the finest full potency extracts
made from the freshest, highest quality plants available.

medicinal herbsHerbal medicine is as old as humankind and as widespread as the occurrence of communities. Herbal medicine is based on an intimate, practical knowledge of plants handed down for hundreds of generations, while acknowledging the unique needs of individuals. While diet, exercise, and increased self- awareness form the foundation of health, fresh herbal therapy provides one of the key elements in the process of self-care.

The quality and source of herbs used is of the highest importance, we have concentrated our efforts on obtaining fresh herbs picked at the optimum time for maximum potency.

We grow our own organic herbs in the foothills of the northern California coastal range and wildcraft local herbs in our bio-region. Herbs that we cannot gather ourselves, we procure from conscious wildcrafters and have them shipped fresh.

Our extracts are meticulously prepared. Each phase of the production, from growing and selecting herbs, to the lengthy process of herbal extraction we do ourselves.

Our Compounds are synergistic combinations of herbs for a wide variety of common health concerns.

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